A Tale of Two Videos – Comm 333

All my life, or at least since the Buggles first aired “Video Killed the Radio Star” on MTV, I have longed to create a visual diary to accompany the songs I have written. Images always flashed through my head when I perform my songs, but truthfully, I thought those images would forever stay locked behind my own eyes, viewable only in the landscape of my own mind.


Until yesterday, I always assumed that any reasonable person would know why San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his livelihood to sit during the national anthem in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, and why other NFL players have shown solidarity with Kaepernick and the movement by “taking a knee” during the anthem.

Politics and Nature–Not-So-Strange Bedfellows

Living in a rural setting, I am forced to shift my priorities in summer, from word-smith to farm-hand, spending the long days cultivating, building, digging, hauling and beating back the verge on my little estate…With my focus divided between politics and the natural world, I began to see certain similarities between the behavior of politicians and that of the animal life that surrounds me on the “farm.”