ICE-Apt Name for Cold-Hearted Immigration Crack-Down–and Trump’s New Mouthpiece

Surfing the Sunday Shows

I confess I have been quite snarky about the buffoonery of Trump’s New World Order in my recent posts.  Between Kellyanne Conway’s QVC commercial, Mike Flynn’s footsie-playing with Russian diplomats and Mitch McConnell flashing his true Chauvinist colors on the Senate floor, We, the People, this week, have been deluged with a series of face-palmable events.

Just when I thought the parade of silly spokespersons pouring out of the White House would never end, the Trumpers finally sent out the Terminator:  Mr. Stephen “Asked-and-Answered” Miller, one of Trump’s senior policy advisors and the most realistic android I have ever seen.  One might even mistake him for a human, but for his heartless disregard for how Trumpism affects living, breathing human beings.

“Ice” Miller made the rounds from This Week with George Stephanopoulos to Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press and never once did I find anything to laugh about.  He parried every question with aplomb, cited legal statutes with authority and never allowed himself to be baited by the combative hosts.  And although I disagreed with every one of his Reichian policies, I have to admire the precision of his mainframe, the sophistication of his audio output and the realistic skin-tone used to make him look so human.  Who knew A.I. had come so far?

“Ice” Miller seems the perfect choice to hail the virtues of Trump’s blind, unfeeling deportation crack-down that separated a mother from her two children this week.  Granted, many American lives will be saved by deporting Guadalupe García de Rayos;  her one horrible crime, committed back in 2009, was faking a social security number so she could work at the Golfland Sunsplash waterpark in Mesa, Arizona with intent to feed herself and her two children.  Faking an SS number is a class six felony–the mildest felony classification. (1)


Since her 2009 arrest Garcia de Rayos has regularly checked in with Immigration Services, has not been accused of any other crimes and has raised two US-born children, Jacqueline and Angel.  Her one crime was unearthed by former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, whose misconduct and illegal tactics against immigrants in Maricopa county, AR have cost taxpayers there 142 million in legal fees.  Arpaio was voted out as sheriff last fall after six terms but his illegal searches and immigration abuses are gifts that keep on giving. (2)

Ask Garcia de Rayos’ daughter, 14-year-old Jacqueline García de Rayos:

“No one should ever go through the pain of having their mom taken away from them,” said Jacqueline at a press conference. “No one should be packing their mother’s suitcase.” (3)

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is gone, sent back to Mexico after 21 years in this country, after eight years of never missing her immigration check-ins, having come here when she was just 14 years-old.  It was at one of her scheduled check-ins that De Rayos was apprehended.  Only ICE could be so cold.(4)

And for those Americans who righteously think Guadalupe got what she deserved:  Wait until some hyped-up tribe of federal bullies come for you in the middle of the night because you committed some Trumped-up offense.  Then you can wave you self-righteous condemnation with pride as you sit in a jail cell somewhere.

The unnatural, uncaring, totalitarian way these deportations are being carried out are the tactics of machines not human beings; of Gestopo, not Americans.  Surely we can devise a more humane process for evaluating these cases.  A mother of two, trying to feed her family, should not be lumped in with those “Bad Ombres” that haunt the President’s dreams.

I am thoroughly sickened by the conduct of ICE and by the machine mentality that lends permission to these legalized thugs.  I did not think deportation would have this effect on me–after all, I am an American citizen, white, middle-class, fairly well-educated.  Why should I care about the deportation of this one Mexican woman?

It’s called compassion, empathy.  Seeing Guadalupe, her face criss-crossed with cage  wire, trapped in an ICE van with her children looking on, touched my heart.  Heart, compassion, empathy are traits those now in power do not have. Like computers, they think in binary code: black or white; on or off;  yes or no; legal or not legal; Republican or not Republican.  No shades of grey can be computed.

Bravo to Garcia de Rayos and her supporters:  her face behind that horrid wire cage has become an icon in our universal struggle.

Don’t listen when the Borg Collective says:

“We are the Borg.  Resistance is futile.”


Photos: Top: Stephen Miller, Photo by M. Daniels from ABC Broadcast;  Below:  Guadalupe Garcia Der Rayos; Photo by M. Daniels from CNN Broadcast


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