America Has Become Distinctly Un-American

Above photo of Paul Manafort, standing between two American flags

Looking at the headlines this week, I realized that America the Beautiful has been repealed and replaced by some lesser, cheesier knock-off that I shall call REPUBLANICA.  The blind, thoughtless, partisan legislation being passed by the 115th Congress will ultimately destroy the country we know (and sometimes love), replacing it with a dictatorship run by thugs and school yard bullies.

Right out of the gate on Monday morning  I became entranced by C-span’s broadcast of the House Intelligence Committee hearing on the Russia/Trump Administration investigation.  For five hours I watched Republicans try to bury the whole point of FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers’ testimonies–that Trump and his cohorts are being investigated for playing footsie with the Russians, before, during and after the 2016 “so-called” election.

Democrats on the committee unleashed a barrage of revealing questions regarding earth-shaking monetary pay-offs to Trump campaign operatives, scores of meetings between Russian persons and members of Team Trump (some of those persons in Putin’s inner circle), and a policy change in the Republican platform regarding the defense of Ukraine in Russia’s favor, at the behest of Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager at that time.


Republicans, meanwhile, tried–for five hours–to manipulate the interrogations away from the Russian Connection toward the subject of Intelligence leaks–a part of American Politics since the Washington Administration–actually pointing fingers at high-level Obama Administration operatives.  These partisan clowns are more concerned with a few leaks than the actually subject of those leaks–(1)

That our country has been sold out by members of Team Trump to the Russians.  The Republican Platform regarding the Ukraine defense package was changed to benefit the interests of Vladimir Putin by Trump’s Campaign Manager.  How Un-American is that?

 If you don’t believe me, see for yourself:

Anyone who admires Vladimir Putin as a strong leader, as Trump has stated, should note that two more of Putin’s adversaries were murdered during this week: an exiled, anti-Putin, Russian parliamentarian was shot dead in the streets of Kiev on Thursday and the lawyer for a Russian whistleblower who was dumped out of his fourth-story Moscow apartment on Wednesday. (2)

Also this week, Paul Ryan and the Tighty Righties have tried their darndest to force-feed their absurd, unpopular, hacked-up healthcare plan to the American people.  Trump has threatened, cajoled, and generally done just what he criticized Obama for doing–giving away the store with nothing to show for it.  The vote on the “Un-American Health Care Act” was postponed on Thursday because Republicans did not have the numbers to pass it, despite extreme bullying by Trump and his cadre of Congressional lackies.  Trump insists that they put the plan to a vote today.

Since when does the Executive Branch get to dictate when the Legislative Branch will call a floor vote?   What has happened to the Separation of Powers?How Un-American is that?

Keep in mind:  All of Trump’s campaign promises of some “Great” Healthcare plan that will cover everybody for less–just more bullshit in a giant pile of manure.

Also, this week, the Senate began confirmation hearings to put “Lying Neil Gorsuch” on the Supreme Court.  I watched some of the hearings on C-span and was left with the impression that Gorsuch is the biggest phony to appear before Congress since Condoleeza Rice testified before the 9/11 Commission.    Nothing that Gorsuch said rang true;  the man seemed to be weaving some fiction designed to placate DINOS (Democrats in name only) like Joey Manchin (D-WV) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND).  Chuck Schumer (D-NY), my newest hero, saw right through Gorsuch’s shoddy performance and vowed to filibuster.  Sometimes I think Schumer is the only U.S. Senator with an actual spine. Maybe he should run against soon-to-be President Pence in 2020.

Voting for Lying Neil as a “courtesy,” as Manchin once promised?  How Un-American is that?

The above spew is my own take on these events.  I watched, listened and wrote about my honest opinion of what I saw and heard.  But I view these happening through a lens that is decidedly left-of-center.  The last thing politicians want We the People to do is to watch these hearings on C-Span, where we get to see the clowns and weasels we have elected to Congress slip and slide with no place to hide from the all-seeing C-Span cameras.

If you want the whole truth, take the time to watch the actual hearings and make up your own mind.  The watered-down Fox News version is as phony as Gorsuch’s self-proclaimed objectivity.

Apathy, laziness and inaction have devoured the soul of our democracy.  We, the descendants of the American Revolution, have squandered that noble dream our Founders put into action.  Wake up, people, the Constitution is burning! –M. Daniels

Photo credits: Top- photo by M. Daniels from MSNBC broadcast;  Bottom- photo by M. Daniels from C-Span broadcast


  1. C-Span Broadcast: House Intelligence Committee Hearing, 3/20/17:
  2. Robins-Early, Nick;  The Brazen Killing of  a Putin Critic Fuels Suspicion of the Kremlin;  Huffington Post:

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