Out-“FOXed” by Right-Wing Rhetoric

I  would never willingly watch FOX News.  NEVER!

However, this morning I took my car to the local dealership for some repairs and, while sitting in the waiting area, I was forced to watch the FOX alternative universe unfold.  As a daily reader of HuffPost and Politico, I watched the morning news program presented on FOX in despair.  Not only did the FOX anchors present the opposite world view to my own on every subject covered, but watching the other people in the waiting room, I could see that this is the world view to which most of them subscribe.

How can the Progressive Movement compete with the constant right-wing brain-washing levied against We, the People, when FOX News plays constantly in so many public venues: auto repair shops, banks, feeds stores,  hotels, bars, and even gas pumps throughout this country?

I never willingly watch FOX News.  But unless I go stand in the parking lot, away from the noise, I am bombarded with Rupert Murdoch’s ultra-right world view in every waiting room, lobby and bar I enter.  Granted, I live in an embarrassingly red state, where education is the last priority of our greed-driven law makers.  But even standing in line at the bank, I am forced to hear the incessant rants about the evils of the Affordable Care Act.  Waiting on an oil change, I am bombarded by an African American anchor bashing Hillary Clinton for daring to run for office.   While pumping gas, I must suffer Karl Rove’s condemnation of Stephen Colbert for calling Trump a few names–as if Trump isn’t the king of adolescent name calling.

The world is an unjust place–I know this–and I no longer expect fairness or truth from people in power.  But the FOX alternative reality seems so far from anything resembling truth that I have trouble understanding how this bent perspective has gained such a massive following.

I have freed myself from most forms of brainwashing that American society heaps upon its children.  My teachers, my parents, even my friends branded me rebellious by the time I was twelve–that was the year I watched Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV.  Something about the corruption surrounding the Kennedy assassination, the subsequent Oswald shooting, the silliness of the Warren Report made me immune to letting other people–including doctors, priests, teachers, politicians and media–tell me what to think.   Therefore, I am at a loss as to why so many people in this country rely on one source–FOX News–for the formation of their opinions.

Just easier to buy off-the-rack, than to custom build one’s own philosophy, I guess.

One might say that my reading HuffPost qualifies as a bias-confirming choice, but HP is only one of the many news sources I read.  And I do see HP’s iron-clad adherence to all things left-wing in their articles and headlines.  But I do not blindly accept everything I read in The Huffington Post or in any other news source I follow. Blind allegiance to any one news source, especially one owned by a non-American entity like Murdoch, seems terribly dangerous to me.  Our founders were educated men; our nation grew out of the Age of Enlightenment; blind allegiance to any one source violates the core principles of our republic.

The deluge of sexual harassment cases that have recently changed the cast of characters at FOX News will not change the FOX propaganda machine.  For a truly balanced view of world events, try PBS–because they receive public money, they consistently bend over backwards to present a fair and balance perspective on the issues.  They are not, much to my chagrin, a “liberal media outlet.”  Half of everything said on PBS really pisses me off–that would be the conservative side of things, which is always well-represented on their news programs and event coverage.

Photo licensed under Creative Commons Attributions 2.0 Generic: commons.m.wikimedia.org


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