Nazi Badge Classification System For Republican New World Order

When I recently wrote a comedy skit called WCSN GITMO: Worst Case Scenario News, I sketched a terrible future in which Congress repeals the First Amendment, allowing Trump to issue an executive order forbidding comedians from making fun of him, ultimately condemning Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and Yours Truly to imprisonment in Gitmo.

Pure fiction, I thought.

Then came the arrest of Desiree Ali-Fairooz, a 61-year-old woman who was recently tried for laughing out loud at Jeff Sessions’ January Senate Confirmation Hearing. Had I been present in that chamber, I, too, would have been hard-pressed to contain my laughter when Senator Richard Shelby (Al-R) said that Sessions record for “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented.” (1) Three members of Code Pink were charged that day, including Fairooz; all three insisted on a trial and all three were deemed guilty by a jury and now face up to one year in prison plus hefty fines.  Granted Fairooz acted indignantly when forcibly removed from the chamber for her spontaneous outburst, but other outbursts of laughter went unnoticed and unpunished–laughter sanctioned by House Republicans.  Punishing laughter in America?  What’s next–comedians carted off to Guantanamo Bay?

Last week, that absurd flock of tractor salesmen and religious fanatics who dominate the US House of Representatives passed the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), which mandates a “High-Risk Pool” to replace the ban on price gouging for pre-existing conditions previously perpetrated by healthcare providers.  I am sure all the sick people in America will be lining up to join that club.  I call it the”Dead Pool” as death will be the outcome of putting sick people on some stigmatized list for the hopeless.  WWAHD–What Would Adolf Hitler Do?  This question has become the guilding principle for Republican lawmakers of late.  IMG_0581 Those clever Nazis did invent a very efficient system of classifying their unwanted: assigning colored geometric shapes to each category of undesirables.  I have designed three new ones (pictured above) to add to the Nazi classics. (Left)


Finally, the collective insanity called social media launched the #firecolbert Twitter campaign last week.  Stephen Colbert, host of CBS Late Night, lashed out at Trump for his rude behavior toward John Dickerson in a CBS interview.    Colbert gushed a long list of insults in Dickerson’s defence, ending with a statement that the only thing Trump’s mouth was good for is Putin’s “cock holster.”  Enter the colossally indignant to launch the #firecolbert firestorm.  Conservatives flooded the internet with mugs and t-shirts;  Mike Pence supporters had collective coronaries (hope they all have healthcare); even some gay men took offense, thinking, I assume, that they are the only people in the world who perform fellacio.

As Colbert’s ratings have sky-rocketed of late, no sponsor has yet abandoned him and, so far, Colbert’s job seems secure.  Besides, Trump invites this kind of humoresque abuse, as he spares no insults when tweeting about those he deems his enemies.  Remembering some of the horrific things said by Trump’s supporters about the Obamas and the Clintons, I say, “Get the fuck over it.”

Without the likes of Colbert, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and Trevor Noah to provide humor in this waking nightmare, I would not have survived the last 100 days Prozac-free.

Launching my own campaign:  #IwouldratherdiethanopenaTwitteraccount!

Although no comedians have been carted off to Gitmo–yet, as my comedy skit  predicts, these three instances: arresting people for laughing, throwing all sick people into the “Dead Pool” and campaigning for Stephen Colbert’s termination for telling a joke make me think the dark future of WCSN Gitmo, Worst Case Scenario News may come to fruition, and much sooner than I would have imagined.


For access to The Strange Saga of WCSN Gitmo, Worst Case Scenario News, go to, April 5, 2017 entry.

Featured Photo by M. Daniels; symbol chart courtesy of wikimedia commons. 


  1. Mele, Christopher; A Code Pink Protester Laughs Over a Trump Nominee and Is Convicted; New York Times:

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