For most of my life, I have navigated society’s labyrinth in an unorthodox manner, hence the self-imposed title of “American Heretic.”  The term “heretic ” suits me perfectly:  As defined by vocabulary.com:”someone whose ideas go against the norm; as defined by Merriam-Webster, “someone who believes or teaches something that goes against accepted or official beliefs.”

My own definition of “heretic:” someone who refuses to drink society’s “Kool-Aid.”

My ideas on religion, politics, the origins of life, and a considerable list of other topics could never be considered “orthodox” or “normal” under any circumstances.  Since breaking with my conservative roots as a young adult, I have always questioned every philosophy, fact, or pronouncement that impressed me as foolish or mendacious.

In our current struggle to maintain the democracy  we were gifted by our Founders, accepting anything as truth without investigation seems dangerous to me.  In my first blog, I praise those who tried to make information public and condemn those who sat on or tried to hide that information.  My criteria for this criticism does not run along party lines,  although I proudly cop to my progressive bias.  I draw the axis, not vertically between left and right but horizontally, between people of honor  who put our democracy first and those who lie, cheat and conceal to further one ideology over another.

Before today, I had no platform to express my thoughts; now, because of the Studio Production course I am taking which requires a blog, I am mandated to claim my little corner of the blogosphere.  Hopefully honest, informed debate will ensue.

All in Good Fun,
Madison Daniels