Another Trumped-up Distraction

When I first read about Kathy Griffin’s decapitated Trump photo, I too, thought she had made a terrible error in judgement, but not for the usual reasons. I am not particularly horrified about a bloody Trump head or any other bloody head. After all, I watch Netflix and between The Last Kingdon, Marco Polo and Walking Dead, I have seen piles of bloody heads…


Trumplandia May Sweeps Do Not Disappoint

Season finales have traditionally dominated television programming during the merry month of May: cliff hangers abound; plot twists rule; buildings explode; cars crash and usually, a major character dies at the hand of a rising villain. May sweeps for Trumplandia–America’s own really real reality show–packed in so much drama this month, viewers need a bullet point list to keep up.

Nazi Badge Classification System For Republican New World Order

When I recently wrote a comedy skit called WCSN GITMO: Worst Case Scenario News, I sketched a terrible future in which Congress repeals the First Amendment, allowing Trump to issue an executive order forbidding comedians from making fun of him, ultimately condemning Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and Yours Truly to imprisonment in Gitmo. Pure fiction, I thought

The Sad State of Public Schools Just Got Sadder

I often lament my substandard public school education when confronted with those occasional usage problems that spell-check does not detect. “Slight” and “Sleight” for example; or “poll” and “pole;”or “canvas” and “canvass.” Generally, once I publish the mistake, I manage to catch and correct. But, as a professional writer, I have always had to guard against this propensity.

America Has Become Distinctly Un-American

Looking at the headlines this week, I realized that America the Beautiful has been repealed and replaced by some lesser, cheesier knock-off that I shall call REPUBLANICA. The blind, thoughtless, partisan legislation being passed by the 115th Congress will ultimately destroy the country we know (and sometimes love), replacing it with a dictatorship run by thugs and school yard bullies.


Cutting funding to the arts has been the deficit-slashing war cry yowled by choruses of so-called fiscal conservatives since the dawn of the Reagan Era. These same right-wing penny-pinchers also favor dumping hundreds of billions (with a “b”) of our money into law enforcement, border walls, prisons, military might and homeland security, while cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting assistance to the poor.