To Bury or Not to Bury–That is the Question

With the firing of FBI Director James Comey and subsequent Trumpian Twit storm, our democracy has become an endangered species, a situation reminiscent of the Nixon Watergate era only much, much worse. On August 8, 1974, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States, after many long months of headlines exposing his culpability in… Continue reading To Bury or Not to Bury–That is the Question

The Genius of the Two-word Brand

Tags like “Crooked Hillary,” “Lying Ted,” “Crazy Bernie” and “Little Marco” poured out of Candidate Trump’s mouth every day during the endless 2016 presidential campaign. Trump voters dutifully chanted these puerile, two-word brands–none of them particularly clever–like the crowds in the Mummy movie chanting “Imhotep.”

Women’s Her-story Month–Best Kept Secret Ever

Breaking News!   The Month of March has been designated WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH — Since 1987 by Congressional Proclamation Every March I wait to see how the mainstream media circus will honor Women’s History Month…and every March I am thoroughly disappointed.  Some years we get a brief mention on the 6 o’clock news; some years nothing.… Continue reading Women’s Her-story Month–Best Kept Secret Ever

ICE-Apt Name for Cold-Hearted Immigration Crack-Down–and Trump’s New Mouthpiece

Just when I thought the parade of silly spokespersons pouring out of the White House would never end, the Trumpers finally sent out the Terminator: Mr. Stephen “Asked-and Answered” Miller, a senior policy advisor for POTUS Trump and the most realistic android I have ever seen. One might even mistake him for a human, but for his heartless disregard for how Trumpism affects living, breathing human beings.

The New Frontier

“Lately, while watching TV or viewing news on my tablet, I find myself yelling at the talking heads on the screen (as if they could hear me), chastising them for their shoddy coverage of events, for their Reality TV obsession with AllThingsTrump, and for the short-sighted, shallow, inarticulate pundits that the networks roll out to discuss politics. Not able to defy physics and reach bodily through the screen to strangle some of these pundits, I have decided to start this blog so that I, too, can have a platform for expressing my uninformed opinions.”