Lighting “Black Velvet”and “His Little Boy Smile” #360

Late nights when I feel the need to escape the US media circus and its coverage of DT’s New World Order, I often toggle to my local PBS station, where content still holds sway over spectacle.  Around a tiger oak table, host Charlie Rose and his guests sit, conversing about an array of issues, basking… Continue reading Lighting “Black Velvet”and “His Little Boy Smile” #360

High Crimes and Hypocrisy?

Surfing the Sunday Shows– Watching Mitch McConnell on This Week with Martha Raddatz, I began to wonder if a Senator could be impeached for hypocrisy.  Why pick on Kentucky-fried Mitch, you ask.  Because Mitch McConnell, currently the US Senate Majority Leader, once said this in October, 2010: “The single most important thing we want to… Continue reading High Crimes and Hypocrisy?

The Magnificent Seven

Before the sun rose over Washington, DC on Wednesday morning, seven Greenpeace activists, armed only with their climbing gear, scaled a 270-foot crane not 5 blocks from the White House to hang a 35-foot by 70-foot bright yellow banner on which the single word, “RESIST” was written in large black letters. Using their own bodies… Continue reading The Magnificent Seven

Agenda in Media: Watcher Beware! #360

Photo: POTUS Obama and White House Press Corps– When watching TV during an election year, I am always astounded by the lack of balance in news programming. Tactics range from subtle to blatant, but I can usually sniff out any network’s bias and trace that bias right back to the political views of the person… Continue reading Agenda in Media: Watcher Beware! #360

Apparently, Size Does Matter

Photo: Left-Obama 2009 Inauguration; Right-Trump Inauguration  Channel Surfing the Sunday Shows– With expert sleight-of-hand, Donald the Magnificent focused our attention on inaugural crowd size this weekend while virtually ignoring the pleas of 500,000 protesters camped out in his backyard. While one of the biggest crowds in DC history milled around the Mall, Trump went to… Continue reading Apparently, Size Does Matter

Ted Cruz, Tear Gas & Tombstones

Inauguration Day Take-Aways: As a cold, grey mist descended on Washington yesterday morning, a shroud of gloom settled into my psyche as I braced for four years of reactionary rhetoric and massive roll-backs of human and civil rights, except, of course, the right to pack heat. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly feel worse,… Continue reading Ted Cruz, Tear Gas & Tombstones