Nazi Badge Classification System For Republican New World Order

When I recently wrote a comedy skit called WCSN GITMO: Worst Case Scenario News, I sketched a terrible future in which Congress repeals the First Amendment, allowing Trump to issue an executive order forbidding comedians from making fun of him, ultimately condemning Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Bill Maher and Yours Truly to imprisonment in Gitmo. Pure fiction, I thought


The Strange Saga of “WCSN Gitmo, Worst Case Scenario News #360

Back in Studio Production class, when asked for final project ideas, I suggested a comedy skit, one akin to SNL’s Weekend Update. Upon receiving the go-ahead from my professor, I embarked on an epic journey that took me from a vague idea reflecting a worst case scenario future, to a written script, to a story board, then to a full-class video production of my little five-minute skit.